ACB Malawi hosted the heads of ACAs 2017 meeting

ACB Malawi hosted the heads of ACAs 2017 meeting

7th Commonweal th Regional Conference for Heads of Anti- Corruption Agencies in Africa,29 May – 2 June 2017
1. WE, the Heads and Representatives of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa, meeting at the 7th Regional Conference of Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa hosted by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Malawi, organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat at the Sunbird Nkopola Lodge, Mangochi, Malawi from 29th May to 2nd June 2017,

2. NOTING with deep gratitude the invaluable support and warm hospitality provided by the Government and people of Malawi, the ACB, the honour of the presence of the representative of the President of the Republic of Malawi and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Samuel Tembenu, SC at the opening ceremony,

3. MINDFUL of the need to strengthen cooperation and collaboration among the Anti- Corruption Agencies in commonwealth Africa,

4. ACKNOWLEDGING the need for a platform for sharing emerging practices and country innovations in the fight against corruption for the promotion of good governance.

5. COMMEND the Government of the Republic of Malawi, the ACB Malawi and the Commonwealth Secretariat for hosting and organising the 7th Conference respectively,

6. FURTHER having exhaustively discussed the agenda items of the Conference and being satisfied that a full exchange of views has taken place during the Conference,

7. AGREE and adopt the following resolution:

1) Heads and Representatives at the Conference (Delegates) urged Commonwealth member countries (“Member Countries”) to
co-fund their own staff to access the services of the Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre (“the Centre”) in
particular, transportation and accommodation;
2) Delegates call on member countries to continue supporting Anti-Corruption Agencies (“Agencies”) by providing adequate
financial resources to the Agencies, to ensure continuous capacity building of officials of the Agencies by the Centre in
Gaborone, Botswana;
3) Delegates further call upon the Executive Committee of the Association of Heads of Anti-corruption Agencies in
Commonwealth Africa (“the Association”) to explore ways of collaboration with the African Union Advisory Board on
4) Delegates advised the Agencies to continue expanding the network with other sectors to enhance the fight against
5) Delegates encouraged the Agencies to continue with benchmarking visits to maintain learning and sharing of ideas and
6) Delegates further advised the Agencies to create a platform for intelligence and data sharing for effective asset
7) Delegates recommend the use of innovative techniques for prevention, education and investigation in the fight against
8) Delegates requested member states to consider implementing whistleblowing Legislation for effective protection of
9) Delegates reiterated the need for a data base of resource persons/experts and reminded the Agencies to submit lists of
Persons /Trainers to the Centre;
10) Delegates underscored the importance of capacity development of Anti-Corruption Agencies in the recovery of proceeds of
corruption and welcome the proposal to organize a meeting in London, United Kingdom in 2017 to deliberate on mechanisms
for assets recovery
11) Delegates call on the Executive Committee of the Association to develop standardised format for data reporting on
benchmarking and networking programmes;
12) Delegates advised Anti-Corruption Agencies to consider developing strategies for negotiating political space for its
operations, where necessary;
13) Delegates urged the Agencies to develop and implement effective strategies to achieve meaningful collaboration with the
private sector, civil society and the media.

8. RECOGNISING and appreciating the diversity of experiences shared, agree:

1) To continue further discussions and capacity building on various issues, including enhancing integrity of anti-corruption
officers which is critical to building a good image of anti-corruption agencies;
2) To strengthen collaboration with International Organisations in Delegates’ respective countries;
3) To improve on their financial commitments to the Association by paying their subscription fees on time;
4) To monitor the impact of anti-corruption interventions and to continue to share knowledge gained in benchmarking

9. Further agree that the next Conference of Heads and Representatives of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa in
2018 be hosted by Nigeria in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, and

10. The Conference resolved to have Malawi as the Chair with the following [Countries] as members of the Executive Committee
of the Association:

Chair: Malawi Vice-Chair: Nigeria
Secretary: Botswana Treasurer: Rwanda
Member: Sierra Leone Member: Tanzania
Member: Lesotho Member: Representative of Commonwealth Secretaria

Dated the 2nd Day of June, 2017 at Sunbird Nkopola Lodge, Mangochi, Malawi

Lucas Kondowe

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