Corruption Prevention Functions


The core activities of the section include:

  1. Developing Policy frameworks for preventing corruption and improving service delivery,
  2. Building capacity through training targeting mainly integrity committees and selected staff in public and private sector institutions
  3. Carrying out staff awareness programs in institutions,
  4. Collaborating with institutions in addressing corruption issues
  5. Assisting institutions to develop and implement anti-corruption plans
  6. Reviewing organizational systems and procedures,
  7. Undertaking follow ups in institutions to ascertain implementation of recommendations made by Bureau,
  8. Providing advisory and support services and conducting research activities.

All these interventions are being undertaken within the framework of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy which the Malawi Government has put in place as a blue print for addressing corruption issues in Malawi.

The Corruption Prevention Section also collaborates with civil society or other special interest groups who are involved in efforts to address to address corruption in both the public and private organizations. This is part of the efforts by the Anti-Corruption Bureau to build coalitions with organizations in the fight against corruption. Under the same component, the section facilitates the process of developing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with institutions. The MOUs set out specific areas of collaboration with the target institutions over a defined period.

The Corruption Prevention Section works with both public and private sector organizations. We are open to either short term or long term partnerships with organizations. Short term partnerships can involve, organizations coming to us to seek specific advice on measures they can undertake to address specific corruption threats. They can also involve instances where the client organization may seek our assistance in conducting initiatives such as workshops on a one-off basis. Long term partnership can either involve undertaking a series of interventions over a period of time or can involve going into a Memorandum of Understanding arrangement in which specific activities will be undertaken over a define period of time.

We however encourage long term partnerships mainly because eliminating the threat of corruption and building the necessary systems to prevent it is a process which cannot be accomplished in one-off or short term initiatives.

If you want to access our services or want us to provide you with more information, you can write to The Director General, Anti-Corruption Bureau, P.O. Box 2437, Lilongwe or fax your letter through 01770108. Alternatively, you can telephone and speak to the Director or the Principal Corruption Prevention Officer on 01770 166/167. You can also send an e-mail to the Director General on You can also come in person to our offices at the Headquarters for the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Mulanje House, City Centre, Lilongwe and meet the Chief Corruption Prevention Officer.

The Corruption Prevention Section does not charge for its services. Whilst the section provides limited financial support to institutions that want to be assisted in putting in place corruption prevention programs, due to the fact that its resource base cannot support all institutions it works with, it encourages a cost-sharing scheme which is discussed and mutually agreed with the client institution.

Corruption Prevention Section

does not charge for its services