Clients & Role Players


The Public Education Section (PES) is open and works with various public and private sectors as clients or role players.

Clients are those that the Bureau offers services to while role players are those that receive services from the Bureau. Role players can also be clients at the same time.

Some of the PES clients include:-

  • Public bodies – means Government, and includes Ministries, Government Department, Statutory Corporations and any other body appointed by government

  • Public Officers – These are employees in service of a public body and includes President, Vice President, Ministers, Members of Parliament and Civil Servants

  • Private Bodies – Persons or organizations that are not a Public Body i.e. NGO’s and Charitable organizations

  • The General Public – Includes any individual, complainants and all victims of corruption

  • Media – Includes electronic and print media

  • International Organizations – Includes Donor Community

Some of the role players include:-

  • Treasury – The Public Education Section through the Bureau gets funding through treasury

  • Malawi Police Service – Assists the PES of the Bureau through provision of security, conducting activities i. e. National Anti-Corruption Day

  • Other Case Handling Institutions – The PES of the Bureau shares information with other case handling institutions i.e. Ombudsman, Malawi Human Rights Commission

  • Southern African Forum Against Corruption – The regional body strengthens regional anti-corruption bodies through training, exchange of information and best practices

PES can be contacted for more information by writing The Director, Anti-Corruption Bureau, P.O. Box 2437, Lilongwe or fax your letter through +265 1 770108. You can also call and speak to the Director.

E-mail can be sent to the Director on You are free to come in person to all our offices at Anti-Corruption Bureau Headquarters in Mulanje House, City Centre, Lilongwe, Blantyre Office in National Bank Building; Victoria Avenue and Mzuzu Office in Malawi Rural Finance House

For more information please contact:

The Director,
Anti-Corruption Bureau,
P.O. Box 2437,

Fax: +265 1 770108


Physical Address:

Anti-Corruption Bureau Headquarters
Mulanje House,
City Centre,

Blantyre Office
National Bank Building;
Victoria Avenue

Mzuzu Office
Malawi Rural Finance House