Publications aimed at enhancing achievement of the Public Education Sections (PES) mandate are also produced by the PES.

Anti-Corruption Newsletter

The Section produces a quarterly newsletter aimed at educating the public and soliciting as well as fostering support in the fight against corruption.

The newsletter is a tool that outlines various activities of the Bureau. It is also a forum that the public interacts with the Bureau and gives feedback to the work of the Bureau. Articles in the newsletters emanate from both Bureau staff and the public (readers).

Download latest ACB Newsletter (Aug 2013)

Communication strategy

This is a guiding document that the Section came up with to improve its information communication. The Communication Strategy is based on research and rooted in local experience of corruption.

Anti-Corruption Bureau’s communications aims at:-

  1. Enhancing public awareness of corruption and the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s work

  2. Proactively prevent corrupt practices in public and private bodies

Download ACB Communication strategy

ACB Annual Report

Download latest Annual Report here