Management and Support Services Division


Management and Support Services

Management and Support Services provide support to the main operations of Anti-Corruption Bureau so that they can deliver services to our clientele in an efficient, effective and independent manner.

Management and Support Services Department is headed by The Director of Corporate Services who reports to the Director General.

The Department comprises the following Sections:

  • Office Services Section
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Section
  • Human Resources Management and Development section
  • Financial Management Section
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Section
  • Procurement Section

Strategic Objectives

  • To broaden financial resource base
  • To strengthen the administrative and financial procedures of the Bureau
  • To strengthen M&E and ICT systems
  • To construct a purpose built offices

  1. Office Services Section

    Office Services section manages ACB’s resources and assets for their efficient and effective use. ACB opened an office in the Eastern Region to increase its visibility and reach as many people as possible in the country.

  2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Section

    The ACB is engaging in an ambitious programme of IT investment aimed at introducing advanced technology systems to support the operational and administrative objectives of the Organisation. This programme has been developed under an IT Strategy that recognises the crucial importance of information security.

  3. Human Resources Management and Development section

    Human Resources Management and Development section Handles Recruitment as one of its functions.

    Structure of the Anti-Corruption Bureau

    1. The Directorate

      Consists of the Office of the Director General and Deputy Director General. The following sections also fall under Directorate:-

      • Public Relations Section

      • Internal Audit Section

    2. Operations Department

      Enforcement Division

      • Investigations Section
        • Fraud and Economic Crime Unit
        • Contracts and Procurement Unit
        • Access to and Administration of Justice Unit
        • Documentation
        • Report Centre

      • Prosecutions and Legal Section

      • Corruption Prevention and Education Division

      • Corruption Prevention Section

        • Prevention Unit
        • Research Unit
        • Intelligence Unit

      • Public Education Section

    3. Management and Support Services Division

      Office Services Section

      • Management Information Section

        • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit
        • Library unit

      • Human Resources Management and Development Section
        • Human Resource Management Unit
        • Staff Training and Development Unit

      • Financial Management Section

        • Revenue unit
        • Development unit

      • Procurement

      • Monitoring & Evaluation

  4. Financial Management Section

    Sets up systems for management of funds and monitor expenditure patterns and eliminating undesirable financial practices.

  5. Monitoring & Evaluation Section

    M & E Section ensures that ACB projects, Programs and policies are implemented in an efficient and effective manner.

  6. Procurement Section

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